Great Connection 2016

hey folks!

you know who I am. potential next People's Champion, an idler, never ending to fall star in a twinkle to fail, a windbag, yet another soul lost on the mission, a buster and so on.

I'm doing things here. I'm twisting. I'm watching babes. I'm learning Spanish. I'm even trolling tickling old farts poets sometimes.

you know I'm a pretty young man and I'm scaring the Net only for a while. but I remember the sound of good old dial-up modem scraping on-line back in 2004 and I remember that speed.

and last month it was like I'm back to that time literally.

Retrieving configuration...
Retrieving server list...
socket.timeout: timed out

why? I haven't paid for it.

I need from $65 to $140 per year for VPNed 300kbps to 5mbps accordingly and usually I can get it.

but sometimes I can't.

yep, I should stop fooling around and bring my lazy ass on completing those TODO lists finally.

or maybe not.

if you want to help me to hit this road next year you just need to shut up and give me the money.

keep on rollin', I'll give you my last dime!

Сёма Мрачный
tags: crowdfunding , p2m , thanks

good luck!

see you soon…

buena suerte!

hasta pronto…


до скорого…

sorry, currently no translation is available.

feel free to make translation by yourself and even send it via pull requests.

lo siento, actualmente traducción no está disponible.

no dude en hacer la traducción por ti mismo e incluso enviarlo por pull requests.

сожалею, перевода пока нет.

не стесняйся сделать перевод самостоятельно и даже прислать его через pull requests.